About Us

The book of Deuteronomy describes an event that took place every seven years when the entire Jewish nation convened in Jerusalem as one. Assembled at the Holy Temple, they listened as the king read the Torah and they felt the awe of G-d. This profound awe inspired those gathered there to regenerate their sense of purpose, as a people with a task to transform themselves and the world.

In this year of Hakhel — gathering the people — we are reminded that although there is infinite value to each individual life, Judaism is not meant to be lived in isolation. Adults and children alike thrive on the dynamic excitement of being part of something greater than themselves. We all have a need to be a part of events that create lasting memories.

While our forebears trekked for days and weeks to Jerusalem, the advent of technology affords a new opportunity for Jews from every corner of the globe to join as one without traveling a single mile.

The Unity Lecture Series will connect hundreds of communities and thousands of individuals across the continents, who will participate in a simultaneous web-cast of Torah study. Produced by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, the largest adult education network of its kind, the lectures will be presented by leading Jewish scholars.

So join together with others this year. Be a part of a history which continues to change the world. Bring your children, come together with fellow Jews, and learn Torah. Express your solidarity with your people, and hasten the revelation of the peaceful world that has been G-d’s goal from the start.